High School Students Apply Western Universities Essay

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In Mainland China, “international class”, or “international department”, are common names of high school programs that focus on helping high school students apply western universities. These programs are mostly in metropolis such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Most of them are founded by regular high schools. Therefore, they are attached to regular high schools as special departments. Students in these program must obey high school rules in school as other regular students. The major difference between two system is course content. Instead of preparing for Chinese National Higher Education Entrance Examination, commonly known as Gaokao, courses of international department focus on English ability such as reading and writing skill, then AP subjects if the student pass the TOEFL exam. Since there are two educational system in one campus, there are sometimes confliction between traditional Chinese style high school administration and teaching style in international department, which tries to combine the Chinese way and western style together. I took one semester of regular high school course, then went into the first international class in my high school. Thus, the conflict was obvious my high school life. In China, students need to bow and say something such as ‘morning sir’ to their teachers at the beginning of classes. This is a tradition from the ancient time working as showing respect to teachers. However, my teachers in international class always waive this…

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