High Level Of Intrinsic Motivation Essay

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Undergraduate classes typically have a wide variety of individual characteristics within the classroom. By simply applying a blanket solution, professors may find that many students remain unmotivated to complete the tasks due to a wide variety of causes. By shaping the project towards their existing sources of intrinsic motivational, professors may find better success when compared to typical tactics in which all students are given the same, or similar, task. Additionally, professors can shape the given rewards in a way that helps intrinsically motivate the students for better future performance.
One issue with many undergraduate projects is the lack of choice within the task. By allowing students to pick projects they are already intrinsically motivated in, the students may start off with a higher level of intrinsic motivation compared to students who are forced into a topic they have little interest in. Before the project begins, have the students fill out a questionnaire where they are asked to list their ideal or dream job and whether they prefer egalitarian or hierarchal group dynamic. Using these data, group students into groups based on similar job interests and group preference. By grouping based on these factors, each group is designed to have higher levels of intrinsic motivation and interdependence (Park, Spitzmuller, & DeShon, 2013). After grouping the students based on job interest and group preference, explain to them the importance of interdependence and the…

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