Hieu Van Le Short Story

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It all started the morning of March 5th, 1998 around 2 A.M., paramedics were called to the scene of an accident involving a two-car crash, where one of the two victims was a pregnant woman. When the paramedics arrived, the woman was unconscious and was immediately rushed to the closest hospital, Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Ma. Upon the arrival, the woman remained unconscious with cuts and bruises, it was time for the medical staff to make a move in attempt to save the child. As the father of the child rushed through the hospital doors asking where his wife was, he was held back by the medical staff, and the woman was rushed to the operating room. A c-section was performed as soon as possible, in hope of saving the child. 2:43 A.M. …show more content…
Going as far back as I could go, the arranged marriage between Dinh Van Tot and Tran Thi Tu in the year of 1947. July 4, 1949, was the birth of Hieu Van Le (1949-present), my grandfather. Born in Binh Minh, Vinh Long, Vietnam, Hieu grew up working on the farms, helping out his parents. Hieu lived in a small village where neighbors helped provide for each other, it was like one big family. The year of 1967, Hieu Le, had an arranged marriage with No Dinh (1950-present), my grandma. Hieu Le fought in the Vietnam War, fighting for the 82nd Airborne Division for the U.S. Army. Hieu and No moved out of their families to a separate piece of land, where they built their own place to stay. 1968, No gave birth to her first daughter, Dep Le (1968-present), followed by the birth of Cuong Le (1970-present), my father. The children helped farm, and Cuong took care of the ducks at the age of three. While at war, Hieu lost 3 of his ‘brothers’ along with his right foot from stepping on a landmine. His career as a soldier unfortunately came to an end and he spent the rest of the war at home with his family. The year 1975, after the Vietnam War came to an end, Hieu was arrested by the Viet Cong after they found out he fought for the U.S. Army. After two years of imprisonment, Hieu was released, and in search of a better life for his family, he and his son, Cuong, snuck out by boat and headed towards Malaysia, where he filed refugee paperwork, hoping for an opportunity to come to America. After three months in Malaysia, the American Refugee Association sent Hieu and his son to the Philippines, where they endured harsh living conditions and learned English for four months. After four months, Hieu and Cuong, finally received plane tickets and landed in Bronx, New York in 1985. They were given $7.00 to spend on the bus ticket from the airport to their apartment, and that was it. No food money, nothing, they

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