Essay about Hidden Truths of the Food Industry

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The hidden truths of the Food Industry
It was our normal routine during the week, driving through the drive thru to get the kids a bite to eat. One day it could be Jack n the Box, another day it could be Mc Donald’s or Carl’s Jr, which ever fast food was voted on amongst my daughters is where we went. This past summer what seemed to be just another trip through the drive thru became a nightmare after eating hamburgers at our usual Carl’s Jr. Not so long after we ate, my older daughter began with severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. I was immediately concerned and rushed her to the hospital to find out that she had food poisoning. There wasn’t much the doctor could do other than tell her to drink a lot of
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Kenner is effective in showing us the reasons when he interviewed Carole Morison a perdue grower. Morison provides alarming information on how these big corporations have control on the farm houses. “The companies keep the farmers under their thumb because of the debt the farmers have” (Morison). Having Morison give the viewer’s an insight into how these large companies control the farmers, reaffirms ethos in his film. Morison tells us what it cost to build one poultry house and if the farmers don’t comply with the demands in upgrades they are threaten with a loss of a contract. Kenner was hoping with this interview that viewers would see the big picture as to how the companies have gained control over the farmers/workers. If nothing else, Kenner was hoping to get his message across that the food industry/corporations are only looking at the profit and not the health of the consumer. He supports his claim and provides scenes of where our food supply is coming from, showing viewers how the food chain is followed, back to assembly lines and not farms like they want us to believe.
Where did this big idea of having our food produced in a factory as oppose to a farm come from, and why are animals being mistreated to provide the United States and other countries the essential necessity in which we depend on, food. The answer couldn’t have been explained better by Kenner when he tells us the story of how fast food has changed

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