Honesty's Role In Preserving The Criminal Justice System

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Honesty, ethics and professionality are one of the main quality’s that are important for individuals in the criminal justice system. Each of these play a main role in preserving intact the criminal justice system as we know it.
A police officer named Jim entered a Sandwich shop during the lunchtime rush. Once in line ready to pay for his meal the owner tells the police officer that payment wasn’t necessary. The officer would be left with the decision of pay or to not. In many cases officers would accept the offer due to it’s a simple form of gratitude for protecting the community and the people living in it. The result of the decision is left to what the officer feels comfortable with. If I was placed in the scenario I would have accepted the
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The officer must have probable cause for searching there home. If it states in the probation order that can search the probationer’s home then they can procced with their search. However if it doesn’t state they can search in probation order then the officers must obtain a warrant. When a probation Officer has to inspect on the probationer they will either do the search themselves or be accompanied by a police officer. If the probationer doesn’t want to cooperate then the police officer can arrest them for violating the probation order. The difference between a probation officer and police officer is the officer must follow the fourth amendment to search a probationer’s home. Probation officers can search the home without a warrant if it states they can in the probation order. The fourth Amendment is acceptable in this situation due to they are following protocol of this law. If it wasn’t followed they would be breaking the law and violating the rights that the individual …show more content…
Herring on a warrant that was listed in the neighboring county’s database. When officers arrested him he was found with possession of a drugs and gun He was charged with possession of drugs and federal gun charges. Once the officers had Mr. Herring in custody it was revealed that the warrant had been recalled months earlier, However it was never voided in the database. Herrings arrest was voided and the charges that where against him where dropped on the terms of his arrest was illegal and a violation of his fourth amendment. The police department cited that the officers involved in Mr. Herrings arrest was innocent any wrong doing and stated that it was in fault of Dale county’s for not maintaining up to date records. Ethics played a large role in this case that once the department found out they had made a large mistake they quickly tried to recodify the situation. The police department did the right in protocol but having the warrant not being up to date created a larger situation then it need to be. This goes to show communication and collaboration of the departments of criminal justice system are key to the success of each department. This case reshaped the way that departments keep record keeping. It also allows for the departments to double to check if the information they are given the correct

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