Heroin Effect On Drugs

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Heroin is flowing in the streets of the suburbs that surround our schools, where teens and young adults are dying of overdoses daily. I am talking about the heroin epidemic, a silent disease that has risen yet again. There is not enough awareness nor help for opiate addiction and the users that succumb to its temptation. Heroin use has drastically increased 63 percent over the past decade, and with that the overdoses have doubled (Curry, 2015). It is a common misconception that heroin is primarily in the poor, rundown neighborhoods, and thats where it stays, where it will never reach the “safe” neighborhoods. The reality is, it is in the poor neighborhoods, but it is also in the middle class and wealthy neighborhoods; it is everywhere. This …show more content…
One of the several things that people have in common is that we all want to be like and feel included, and some will do desperate things to feel this way. A common activity among teenagers is to engage in recreational use of alcohol and drugs at parties, or get togethers with friends. This can be a problem when someone doesn 't want to participate and feels forced to, but goes along with anyway, i.e. peer pressure. Heroin is never the first drug that experimented with. It usually starts with marijuana, which is popularly characterized as being the gateway drug. As marijuana fails to provide the same level of high as when they first experienced it, they start to look for harder drugs, like cocaine and/or heroin. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, individuals who engage with the use of marijuana are three times for likely to try and be addicted to heroin. Once a teenager is addicted to heroin it is much harder to treat them because “Some young people are still having fun and they don 't desire to get sober, so they end up cycling through treatment or end up in jail” (Weiss-Burke). Until they realize the effects that the drug has caused, it is likely the cycle of switching from rehab facility to jail will remain

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