Hero And Heroines : Heroes And Heroes Essay

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Hero and Heroines
From a different aspect, the qualities of the hero and heroines are highlighted and separate themselves from normal people in various forms and hence attract more attention to their roles in society. They have character qualities that are essential and leave meaningful impressions upon the societies that they are a part of depending on the social class that they come from. This essay will focus on and introduce other aspects of the hero and heroine which include and express the pillars of service before self, humbleness, and being simple. These are all virtues that also bring attention from the community which they are entrenched in. Ultimately it is sought to find an explanation of whether heroes and heroines are made or if they are born depending on their culture, history and traditions. The actions which a person portrays are essential in determination of their characters and behavior depending on various approaches in leadership. The approach in undertaking those various issues helps in understanding the person’s intention and also the formulation of gaining the title of either hero or heroine. Culture and tradition are some of the external factors that were used by the members of the community in gauging and ensuring they have the grasp of those particular citizens behavior which are being evaluated. Behavioral changes expressed the role of the society and how community has contributed to the state of the persons. “The community…

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