Essay about Heritage Assessment

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Heritage Essay
Ike Gill
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V
July 27, 2014

Using the heritage assessment I was able to see the differences in religious background, and also how that religious and cultural background influences the health care decisions. The three I choice to use were Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims. The reason being I am Sikh and most of my neighbors are Hindus and Muslims. Even though we all come from different background we are still very close and consult each other when we need to. Along with that being said the views I have don't always align with theirs but that is to be expected because we all come from different backgrounds. But one thing is for certain when it comes to health of our families that we all do what
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But other factors did play a role in the different way health was promoted and taken care of. One thing was about where we lived as kids. I lived in a rural environment so it was hard to get immediate care at times. While the other two lived in a urban environment so it was easy for them to get access to healthcare. Also one traditional factor for the Sikhs was that a man generally wouldn't go to the doctor. My family believed that if a male got hurt in some way that they should just rest, not go to a doctor. The times have changed since then and now it is no longer practiced. Also with my Muslim friend she told me that it was considered wrong by some if a male doctor touched a female. Also that direct eye contact between a female and male was also considered wrong. She also added that since she had more brothers that their health came first, that a female was kind of looked down on and wasn't always receiving the best care they needed. The same also went for my Hindu friend she also said that she had not always gotten the best care because she was a girl. Health maintenance for the me as a Sikh was highly practiced. Before going in to temple we washed our hands and feet. Also before we were going to eat we also washed our hands or before serving anything we washed our hands. The same is practiced in the United States except the feet washing. For my Hindu friend if a family member became ill they would put them in their own separate room to prevent others

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