Heritage Assessment and Healthcare Essay

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Heritage Assessment and Healthcare
H. Rachelle Thompson
Grand Canyon University:
NRS-429V Family-Centered Health Promotion
August 19, 2012

Heritage Assessment and Healthcare America is a melting pot of different cultures, and with the cultural diversity there comes differences in healthcare traditions and decisions (Racher & Annis, 2007). Whether it’s a religious approach to healthcare or a cultural tradition, everyone has a different approach to his or her health. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the author’s heritage and healthcare traditions, differences in other cultures and their healthcare traditions and the effect that their heritage can have on healthcare, and the
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Health Restoration When illness does occur there are typically specific ways that a family will deal with it. For the Anglo-Saxon family they believe that one should go to their physician or to the hospital for treatment, this includes medications or occasionally surgery. They typically rely on what the physician and/or nurse says is wrong and how to treat it, but they will occasionally rely on their religious beliefs and the power of prayer to assist in recovery.
This differs from the Asian Indian family who will typically look to family and friends for advice and will often rely on their herbal remedies unless it is a more disconcerting problem, then they will often seek the assistance of a physician. Though they may reach out to a physician, they still believe in hot and cold treatments of illness and will likely not follow a treatment if it does not follow their beliefs. The Hispanic family said that they also will often look to family when unsure about an illness and regarding how to treat it before they will reach out to a physician. They also expect the whole family to support each other during times of illness and oftentimes the entire family will come to the hospital if a family member is ill.
Common Health Traditions
The author being Anglo-Saxon and 5th generation American does not have any significant ethnically based traditions. She was raised according to the belief that children should be immunized, and diet and exercise

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