Herbal Medicine Is A System Of Plants And Plant Products That Benefit Human Health

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When one thinks of medicine they automatically think of Tylenol, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and so forth. In America, today’s medicine consists of what used to be referred to as allopathic medicine. However, it has not always existed; in fact, herbal remedies have been recorded further back in history as the main form of health and well-being. Once allopathic medicine came in the picture people pushed natural medicine off of the agenda. Countries such as Europe and Asia, with greater background in such natural medicine, still acknowledge it in the modern world (metastudies). The United States should take a step back and incorporate other forms of health practices, because natural medicine, in particular, has many benefits that should not be ignored.
Herbal medicine is a system of plants and plant products that benefit human health (herbal medicine). It is different from modern medicine because it does not target a specific symptom, but it targets the body as a whole and works to correct imbalances in overall nutrition (lewrockwell). It comes in many forms such as pills, extracts, powders, liquids, and even as bulk plants. They are considered herbal remedies, medicinal herbs, or phytomedicinals; but in the medical field they are considered only dietary supplements, because it has not yet been accepted in the medical field. This is because they are too cheap compared to prescription medicine and the effects differ for everyone (metastudies).
Allopathic medicine, or…

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