Henry Viii : The Most Popular Kings Of All Time Essay

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Henry VIII

King Henry is perhaps the most popular kings of all time. Mostly known because of the amount of wives that he had. Henry VIII was born in Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, United Kingdom on June 28 1491.When Henry was a kid he was highly intelligent and was very athletic. Henry’s other interest were books,music, and he was a lavish patron of the arts and even participated in wrestling,jousting,hunting and writing .Later on in England after the death of Henry VII (Henry VIII’s Brother) died, Henry VIII immediately took the throne at age 17 and came into power and also married his brother 's widow six week later , Catherine of Aragon (Born in 1516), in 1509 of which Catherine had later produced only one surviving child a girl named Princess Mary, born in 1516. Henry VIII then became in love with Anne Boleyn, one the sisters of the mistresses, and tried asking the pope to grant him an annulment of his marriage on the ground that it had never been legal to do so.After many failed attempts at trying to get married. In 1532, Cranmer had been promoted to Archbishop of Canterbury and Cranmer declared Henry’s marriage invalid; Anne Boleyn was crowned queen a week later,Henry’s second marriage raised hopes for a male. Anne Boleyn had failed to deliver a son to Henry and instead produced another daughter name Elizabeth. Henry got mad and got rid of Anne on charges of treason which was false, and was executed in 1536 (while this was happening he was playing tennis). Later…

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