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Our study of the distinctively visual deepens our understanding of the world and those who inhabit it.

Distinctively visual techniques are skilfully employed by Henry Lawson and Kriv Stenders to deepen our understanding of the world of the Australian outback and those who inhabit it, through their struggles and independence with some humour applied to the stories. These visual effects allow us to get a better understanding of the feelings of the characters and relate their life lessons to our everyday life. The Drover’s Wife creates a vivid picture of an independent and isolated mother’s hardship of taking care and protecting her family. Another story by Henry Lawson called The Loaded Dog shares a more humour filled side to the isolated
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Lawson uses symbolism that the night is over and the enemy can be dealt with now this made me see the light shine on the old timber house of the drover.
The Loaded Dog by Henry Lawson is a much more entertaining story where the events occur in a much faster pace with the primary technique throughout the story being humour. Its laconic sense of humour introduced by the three mates that are always looking for the easy way to make a couple dollars running from their playful dog who carries a cartridge in his mouth makes us feel better about ourselves that it isn’t us. The story keeps escalating with the tension and humour filled quotes like this “3 times the size… big enough to blow out the river” this foreshadowing of the big blow turns up the tension. These complications send them to a complete shock and their questionable logic become inexistent and safety and solutions disappear. The escalating failure of Dave, Jim and Andy is a slapstick humour hints us that it will have another twist in the end saving them from a tragedy.
Red Dog takes on a longer more complex story that uses flashbacks to tell the story of the dog who affected everyone’s lives in the community. The setting is similar to Henry Lawson’s drover’s wife with a harsh environment surrounding the people and although the people are not isolated they are indeed lonely as they are so diverse. Djocko says “You have got to have a home to be homesick” this foreshadows that even he will be able

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