Essay on Henry Ford : The Industrial Culture Of Our Society

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Henry Ford was born to William and Mary Ford in the Green Field Township on July 30, 1863. Green Field Township is close to the city of Dearborn, Michigan. As a boy Henry was often asked to help around the farm, but he did not like farm work. Ford always thought there was an easier or more efficient way to do the challenging work he was presented with. After Henry was older he became a mechanic and this work was much better suited to him. Throughout his career, Henry Ford was a great role model and influence on society with the way he efficiently and resourcefully ran his factories. After his successful and impactful life Henry Ford died on April 7, 1947 from a massive cerebral hemorrhage. (BLACK BOOK) Henry Ford changed the industrial culture of our society by encouraging a productive work environment and developing standardization in our culture. He had a specific way of running his factories. Ford stated that, (business is a collection of people who are brought together to do work and not write letters to each other, he said that it is not necessary for any one department to know what any other department is doing pg 61). Ford believed that everyone should be focused on their jobs and doing what they are supposed to do, not spend time worrying about what all of the other workers are doing. The workers are not coming to work to be best friends with anyone either. Every person working needs to be there to focus on their jobs and not the jobs of others. Ford wanted…

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