Essay Henry David Thoreau 's Life

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Society evolves with each passing year aiming to get more and more advanced, but doing so has caused people to lose sight of what is truly important; themselves. Way back in the ancient times people worked harder of course because they lacked machines to do the work for them, but even though the people worked tirelessly on a daily basis they knew how to live freely. Most people would argue this saying that “we are free”, but are they right or are they simply falling under a spell that life would be better if less work was put into it? People become fascinated with these new gadgets and will do anything to obtain them, but even though most people would not question what was really happening, few do their best to prove the others wrong. One of those people is Henry David Thoreau who lived in the 1800s. Henry did not believe in the new railroads and telegraphs because he could see the ugly truth that most people could not, that truth being that inanimate objects are slowly taking over lives and masking the true beauty which is nature. Technology may seem like the next best thing, yet it is the complete opposite; materialistic items are taking away the true beauty of life by making others not enjoy what they already have, causing people to rely on others for something they could perfectly do by themselves, and takes away the people’s understanding of how to live their life to the fullest. Materialism is progressively stripping away people’s lives by making them believe that…

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