Henry David Thoreau 's A Time Of Change And Ages Past Essay

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Henry David Thoreau wrote in a time of change and ages past. Every era is opposed to the ones preceding and succeeding itself, but the Romantics were truly a group who hearkened to an old tune; one of integrated civilization and nature in medieval times. When he wrote Walden, Thoreau wrote about his own experiences in the natural world and how it changed him. In his writing, Thoreau explains why one should live deliberately. He actively argues to convince the reader to do so. Even today, Thoreau’s words still hold up, convincing more people every year that life has to be well lived, not just well supplied with expensive clothes and technology to entertain you, but valued for its worth as the dearest thing owned. In the end, only one thing can possibly last until you die, that is your life, grand or small, and how well you lived it. This essay will concern how Thoreau believes one should live, and what is stopping us from living this way.
Thoreau did not write Walden as a masterpiece of Romantic literature. He wrote to document his findings of life as it should be lived. This makes it a romantic masterpiece because Thoreau did not write this for the purpose of explaining to others, but instead to explain himself and to explain life. Enlightenment masterpieces like Candide lay out the rules of life and nature and how one should be. Thoreau says “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life” (74). This is a popular passage because it reveals such reasoning behind…

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