Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll House Essay

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Ibsen’s A Doll House stage directions reveal a significant change in the Helmer’s home, as the play progresses. Ibsen’s stage directions illustrate an obvious imbalance in the marriage of the main characters, Nora and Torvald Helmer. The stage directions show a shift in the Helmer’s home. Throughout the play, the household transitions from orderly to a disheveled. The changes that take place in the household reflect a transformation in Nora. Moreover, throughout the course of the play’s three acts, Nora’s stage directions mirror the change in her character. Each act of A Doll House opens with stage directions that depict the Helmer home. Act one opens by portraying a comfortable home of the middle class status. Ibsen describes the living area of the home, noting that Helmer’s study is off to the left. The living area is well kept and tidy with engravings on the walls, a cabinet filled with china, and armchairs and a sofa (Ibsen, 1). The home emanates a cheerful environment. Nora, as prompted by the stage directions, is noted entering humming. Nora’s high-spirited entrance coincides with the description of her home. The stage directions that aid act one depict Nora with a child like demeanor. Her mannerisms and actions better align with a young child, not a grown woman. Nora’s behavior is continually depicted as happy. Nora is illustrated as laughing and humming. She could be viewed as very disconnected from the world, like many children, she is perceived as oblivious to…

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