Essay on Hemophili Causes And Treatment Of Hemophilia

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There are many blood disorders and one of them are hemophilia."Hemophilia is a rare disorder in which your blood does not clot normally, because it lacks sufficient blood-clotting protein"( In normal blood, proteins called clotting factors work together to structure a clot whenever bleeding takes place. Someone with hemophilia has a shortage and/or does not have enough of a certain clotting factor, so the blood can not make a clot. "Hemophilia affects one in five thousand male births in the U.S. and around four hundred babies are born with this disease each year. Four hundred thousand people worldwide are living with hemophilia and about twenty thousand are living with it in the United States"( Most of the time this disease is ipassed down through generations which means people are born with it. Sometimes people can get hemophilia when there is no family history of the disease; this is known as sporadic hemophilia. In this case it would not be inherited it would be caused by a change in the person 's own genes. There are two types of this disease, hemophilia A and hemophilia B.
Hemophilia A is the most known type of this disease and it is when your body does not have enough of protein factor VIII. "Hemophilia has been called a royal disease.The hemophilia gene was passed from Queen Victoria, who became Queen of England in 1837, to the ruling families of Spain, Russia ,and Germany"( People can have different…

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