Hello Kitty case study Essay

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1.0 Introduction

Hello kitty is a cartoon character of a small white cat that looks kind, sweet and cute, with a button nose, two black dot-eyes, six whiskers and a ribbon in her hair. Hello kitty has no mouth and this represents a major source of emotional association for buyers and buyers can put many different feelings to the little cat. Owners and their cat can be happy, sad and cheerful or any other feelings that user wishes to feel.

Hello Kitty was firstly introduced in Japan in 1974 and is a segment of Japanese popular culture and hello kitty is a Japanese bobtail cat also knows as kitty white. Currently hello kitty is 40 years of age; hello kitty trademark is worth over 5 billion annually worldwide.

2.0 What the appeal of
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Today technology change rapidly with many gadget and advanced technology in market. As a user it affects us when we can't catch up with the changes. We may left behind from other. This changes not only effect adult but children too. When toys are now using advanced technology to express the animator creativity and to enter the market. The impact of this, children more attract to figure that are look more real. Children today not only looking for toys that are attractive but come with voice and have their own trademark. Example like Upin Ipin, the television series with in their graphic technology, latest is Frozen animation, Elsa is the popular one from the movie. It becomes viral among children. The movies itself very interesting come with good graphic, storyline, song and products. It’s a complete package that attract children today, they memories the song. It’s completely different with Hello Kitty that has no mouth and can't talk. Hello Kitty has the sentimental value that not everyone can understand it. Children now want something that more related to real life, real expression. The technologies today have impact on children choice.


There many competitor that come with more advanced technology that are more attractive not only for children but for adult too. Hello Kitty is now left behind even there so many promotion and contract with big company. Hello Kitty has lost it shine but not for the fans. The loyal fans are from kids from past year

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