Helen Keller : An Educator Essay

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Helen Keller was an educator, journalist, activist, humanitarian, and author. She was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in the year 1880 and died in 1968 at the age of 87. Helen Keller was not only blind but deaf as well. She went blind, deaf, and mute at eighteen months after becoming ill. At the time, doctors said that Keller contracted an illness called “brain fever.” Now specialists believe that it may have been scarlet fever or meningitis. Although Helen was diagnosed with these disabilities, she was still extremely smart. She was able to learn communication and language because of her educator Anne Sullivan. Helen Keller’s’ family were able to find Anne Sullivan through Alexander Graham Bell after seeing a specialist.

Anne Sullivan was a recent graduate from Perkins Institute for the Blind when she first starting working with Keller. Helen was about 7 years old when Anne came to work with her. When heading to Tuscumbia to teach Helen, Sullivan brought a doll with her for Helen. This was the first word Anne tried to teach Helen by finger spelling it in her hand. Anne Sullivan soon found out that Helen Keller would become a handful. Helen was defiant, threw tantrums and refused to cooperate with Anne. After this, Anne had to adjust her system and the way she approached Helen. “As Keller 's frustration grew, the tantrums increased. Finally, Sullivan demanded that she and Keller be isolated from the rest of the family for a time, so that Keller could concentrate only on Sullivan…

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