Helen Keller: A New Way Of Life

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Helen Keller, a woman who at a very young age, had to adapt to a whole new way of life, and no one around her knew about it.” Born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27, 1880,” Helen was a healthy newborn until the age of “nineteen months” when she developed an illness which led to the loss of her sight and hearing. Because of this, her parents didn’t know what the next step to take was so she could be led down the right path. Eventually they found a woman named Anne Sullivan who could potentially help. Anne Sullivan came into Helen’s life in hopes of teaching her not only a new way of communicating but also the gift of “love and obedience.” What Ms. Sullivan accomplished with Helen is truly remarkable, she had patience and in the end what she taught had an impact on Helen. How did losing two senses lead Helen Keller to not only live a successful life but also become an aspiring role model to those who …show more content…
She knew that she wanted to go to college just like any person would. She set out for something and knowing that it would be hard she achieved was she wanted and that just goes to show how strong of a person she was. She earned a lot of awards and recognition for what she did which gained publicity. Helen attended “Radcliffe College in 1900 and graduated cum laude in 1904 with honors in German and English.” (2) While she was in college she wrote and published her own autobiography. Because she wrote this herself and readers could get a better insight on her life, she gained a following. According to the Obituary of Helen Keller in The New York Times “most reviewers found the book well written but was still criticized.” (2) After college, she continued to write, most of them were inspirational and appeared in various magazines. By the year of 1968, Helen wrote a total of twelve books with the help of Anne Sullivan. As she was writing her books, she gained a strong insight and belief in

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