Hegemonic Femininity And Masculinity : What Makes A Perfect Man?

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In the United States there are several ideals of what makes a “perfect man” or a “perfect women.” These ideals are attributed to hegemony, which can be defined simply as the dominant culture in a society. Hegemonic femininity and masculinity can be defined as the way the society views what is feminine and what is masculine and the traits that society associates with being a woman or a man. Hegemonic femininity and masculinity can cause problems when individuals deviate from what society considers normal behavior or normal character traits for a female or a male. This paper will focus specifically on hegemonic femininity and how ideals of what constitutes a “perfect female” in the United States can be toxic to those it is imposed on. The toxic nature of hegemonic femininity will be demonstrated using examples from the way young girls and women are represented in the media and how exposure to this representation affects young girls and women overtime. The film Miss Representation, provided examples showing that young girls and women in the United States are constantly being exposed to unrealistic beauty ideals from the media. Media exposure comes in many forms, such as, magazines, television, advertisements, billboards, video games and many others. The film mentioned that children and young adults watch more than 10 hours of media a day. Also, in the article by Jessica Bennett titled, “Are We Turning Tweens into ‘Generation Diva’?” the author mentions, “It is estimated that…

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