Hegel And The Inner Imagination Essay

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Hegel begins by describing poetry as a form that manifests ideas into concrete actuality, rather than abstract feeling (p. 960). From the inner imagination comes the formation of material in poetry–but this material is not made poetic by being harboured in ideas, but that it is being harboured in an artistic imagination. Here, Hegel defines the artistic imagination as to keep the abstract universality of thought separate from the sensuously concrete objects. Poetry employs language as an external sign of the spiritual, which is, paradoxically, the inner imagination and intuition itself – ‘man’s external world which has essential worth only in relation to man’s inner consciousness’ (p.972). On the subject-matter of a poetic work, Hegel believes it must be presented as a totality complete in nature and lead to a rich development of its different aspects (p. 983).
Hegel is concerned with how dialectical meanings are realized in poetry and of this, he analyses the corresponding three aspects of lyrical poetry: the general abstract idea or purpose (the nature of the spirit), the medium in which it is conveyed (form and content), and the actualized unity of the whole. He says of lyrical poetry the general idea of a poem is individual in situation and concerns, and of the poet, his or her mind is of subjective judgement on feelings and through such experiences the mind comes to consciousness of itself. The contents of lyrical poetry are extreme in variety and touch life in every…

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