Hedda Gabler Essay

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Hedda Gabler, played by Rebecca Chanelle Holoptier, marries a history scholar by the name of George Tesman, played by Stephen Cross. Hedda and George are getting back from a six-month honeymoon. During their six-month honeymoon, George seems to spin the majority of his time in libraries and doing research for his book, which does not make Hedda very happy because she is not getting the attention that she wants. Thea Elvsted, played by Maggie Lehman, an old classmate of Hedda's comes to visit her and tell her that George's old academic rival, Eilert Lovborg who was played by T.J. Pederson, is back in town and also Judge Brack, played by Nathan Shelton, tells them that he has written a highly respectable book. In the past, Lovborg had been …show more content…
The main reason for naming the play Hedda Gabler instead of Hedda Tesman is that during the play I think that she is kind of comparing herself to her father and wants to have the power that her father had, and that power was to control people. Furthermore, the people around her are holding back and caging her into to a life that she does not want to live. They portrayed these things by having the some of the set slanted in and confining her and the other was the giant picture of her father, General Gabler. Within the context of the play her actions could be justified because the play is about self-satisfaction and when the characters did not get they thought that they deserved decided to kill themselves. The dialogue of the play was really easy to follow. Some of the words they used where from the era of the play but for the most part the play could be understood by just about anyone who watches it. The set was very impressive and the color's they used on Hedda to show the mood of most of the people in the play was very good. She wore black when there was death, she wore red to be noticed, and white to look like very innocent and to show her beauty. The lighting had good timing when they would enter room to room and to focus the time of day. Overall I was very impressed with the play. I have never been to a performance like that and did not know what to expect. I first thought the play was going to be boring. Nevertheless, the

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