Hector 's Diagnosis Of Delusional Disorder Essay

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In reference to the Case Study Vignette- Hector there were several relative factors that contributed to his diagnosis of Delusional Disorder. Hector has been experiencing a variety of symptoms. He was suspended from school after he walked into his classroom and stated, "I am the Joker and I am looking for Batman", he refused to leave the classroom and was later escorted out by campus police. Within the past year Hector has begun exhibiting increasingly odd behaviors. Hector 's brother has observed him mumbling to himself, standing on the roof waving his arms as if he is directing a symphony. Hector denied any thoughts of self-harm or having the intent to jump off of the roof and said that he felt liberated and in tune with the music when he stood on the roof. Hector has never sought treatment from the University 's student health office. He believes his claims that he has that he and Janet are engaged, even though they have never dated. He has written several letters to Janet as well. Upon assessment from the LCSW it was noted that Hector appeared to have paranoid, grandiose, and romantic delusions. He was also described as being guarded, constricted, inattentive, and preoccupied. His judgment was ultimately deemed poor. He stated upon his admittance to the hospital that the food was poisoned and that he will only drink certain types of water. He was able to speak articulately and was oriented. The DSM-5 codes Delusional Disorder as ICD-10-CM-F22. This disease refers to…

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