"Heart of Darkness"- Joseph Conrad, Essay

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Joseph Conrad’s progressive ideas about colonialism are instilled into his novella, Heart of Darkness, (1902) through which the philanthropic pretence of the European Colonisers towards African natives is unveiled. Whilst Conrad’s post colonial writings were ahead of his own time and context, they are accompanied and contrasted with views founded through a colonial mindset, where colonisation is seen to perhaps bear a burden upon the Europeans rather than the natives. As a result of this, Conrad creates a narrator; Marlow, who vacillates between opinion of his company’s motives – to colonise and to exploit for economic gain. Through this indecisiveness and in the style of a framed narrative, Conrad acts as a story teller to create a …show more content…
“Strings of dusty niggers with splayed feet arrived and departed; a stream of fractured goods…. In return came the precious trickle of ivory” strongly supports the notion that colonization is just a mask for economic obsession. Similarly the imposition of religion upon the Africans enabled the pilgrims to successfully colonize and humanize the people as a way of further exploiting the African people. The European colonizers as a way of further imposing upon the Africans was the idea that “each station should be like a beacon on a road towards better things, a centre for trade of course, but also for humanizing, improving, instructing”. This idea is sought from the thought that the colonizers efforts were gained through the power of Christianity. The excerpt is a metaphor for the colonial process and the ideas that it is built upon, including ones of trade and religion. The use of the consanant “ing” enables the reader to understand that colonization is a constant and universal process" a process which never finishing. Through the colonial process the colonists were able to impose their religion and thoughts upon the colonized in order to gain greater power over them. Throughout the novella the idea that humans will go to any lengths to pursue financial wealth is prevalent, the Europeans will go to

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