Essay about Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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In the deep of the African Congo lies the heart of darkness. Joseph Conrad, an acclaimed English writer, wrote one of his greatest works, “Heart of Darkness”, on an adventure into that place of darkness. Conrad’s principal theme of evil, personified by the heart of darkness, pervades every crevice of his dark tale of psychological horror. Throughout the return journey especially, Conrad exploits multiple literary techniques to create and establish the heart of darkness that he believes resides in the deep of every man’s heart.
In “Heart of Darkness” the return journey plays the role of falling action in Conrad’s plot structure and projects the intended reality of the reader sharing the same hopelessness. Kurtz has been recovered from the deep, allowing the protagonist, Marlow, to return to Europe with his sick patient. The journey proves complicated. Conrad litters the journey with hindrances designed to allow his theme, the heart of darkness, to be indelibly imprinted on the minds of readers. The return journey begins at the Inner Station where Kurtz has been rescued from savages. As the steamboat begins to depart, a horde of rancorous tribesmen appears on the banks of the river threatening tumult and anarchy. Quick thinking, however, allows Marlow to avoid catastrophe by blowing the steam whistle, scattering the tribesmen. To his great disappointment his men, agents of the heart of darkness, fire muskets at the savages just for sport. As the journey progresses, Kurtz’s…

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