Heart Failure Essay

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The heart 's essential capacity is to pump blood to all parts of the body, conveying supplements and oxygen to the tissues and evacuating waste items. At the point when the body is very still, it needs a certain measure of blood to accomplish this capacity. The heart failure, indicates the heart is not pumping effectively enough to meet the body’s needs for oxygenated blood during rest and excesses.
Heart failure may occur suddenly, or it may develop gradually. The strength of muscle contractions may be reduced, and the ability of the heart chambers to fill with blood may be limited by mechanical problems, resulting in less blood to pump out to tissues in the body.

In the United States heart failure
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This is called hypertrophy. The heart fibres will start to increase in size to improve the contractility but with time pass, it may become stiff and will be of any benefit. There would be a decrease in the blood pressure in the artery and blood flow to the kidney will be reduced.

Classification of Heart Failure
There are three class:

a. Class I – there is no restrains or restrictions on physical activity. Persons who has class I don’t really complains of being tired or experience shortness of breathing. The problem can be controlled by the person. Regular exercise and diet or eating healthy food which has moderate amount of sodium content. Stop using of cigarette is very crucial for the well-being of the patient (Heart Failure Center, 2008).

b. Class II – persons in the Class II can experience slight restrictions or restrain when doing normal/ physical activity like walking and climbing the stairs. Medications that are prescribed by the physician like ACE Inhibitors or Beta Blockers can be considered (Heart Failure Center,
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Class IV – persons in this class can’t do any physical activities without feeling shortness of breath or fatigue. Signs of cardiac problems is present even during at rest. Operations or heart surgery is also introduced in this situation (Heart Failure Center, 2008).

Stages of Heart Failure There are four stages of heart failure
a. Stage A – this include people who has a history of heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure (hypertension). People with a high fat diet, persons who abuses drugs or alcohol in their lifetime and is a chain smoker can also belong to this part (Heart Failure Center, 2008).

b. Stage B – people who has no signs and symptoms of heart failure but has been already been diagnose by the physician belong to this group. There would be a clear evidence or examination results but there is no clear symptoms. This where physician can prescribe medication to control the problem (Heart Failure Center, 2008).
c. Stage C - people who easily get tired or who has shortness of breathing during a normal walk or climbing a stairs belongs to this group. Cardiac dysfunction is already present as symptoms. In this stage, strict attention in daily exercise, regular diet that is low in sodium is advised and consumption of alcohol is also monitored (Heart Failure Center,

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