Essay about Hearing Impairments And Hearing Impairment

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Hearing Impairment
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Hearing impairment means loss of all or part of hearing ability due to sound signals not reaching the brain. Loss of hearing may be gradual or sudden depending on the causes. This condition is best described with reference to the affected part of the hearing system. The three basic types are conductive hearing, sensorineural hearing, and mixed hearing loss. Each of these losses has different causes.
Conductive hearing loss happens when sound does is not conducted properly through the outer ear passages to the eardrum and through the ossicles in the middle ear. The resulting effect is a reduced sound level or inability to record faint sounds. Medical or surgical procedures can be used to correct this condition (Sharma, 2006). Dr. Sharma explains that the various factors linked to the loss are; infections in the middle ear, blocked outer ear, presence of liquid in the middle ear, and a damaged eardrum from injury or infection.
Sensorineural loss is common when the cochlea (inner ear) or inner ear pathways are damaged. Apart from causing permanent loss of hearing, it can neither be medically nor surgically corrected. Sharma highlights possible causes as old age, injuries caused by loud noise, inner ear infections, and certain drugs such as quinine and antibiotics that affect hair cells. Lastly, mixed hearing results from mixed causes of the first two. Though it is a rare condition, Sharma…

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