Hearing Aid : A Digital Electronic Device Essay

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Hearing aid is a digital-electronic device that amplifies sounds to meet the reduced hearing power. Hence it has a bundle of amplifiers (channels) and they can be adjusted (bands) using a software by trained audiologists. Hearing aids come with a variety of special features and the price varies with the number of features. The best hearing aid may not be expensive at all, or cheaper, as predicted by some. Though there are different ways in which the best hearing aid is selected, the method described here is accepted and followed in best audiology clinics across the world.

You can select the best hearing aid for you in 3 stages – Thorough hearing test, Detailed counselling basis your listening requirements and Experience the sound and features. Also, try and keep a room for knowing what special accessories are available with the hearing aids. Sometimes, you may need an accessory that connects hearing aids with your TV or mobile phone or even the class teacher.

Role of a trained Audiologist

Audiologist has an eye to see the detail in your audiogram. The audiogram values help us selecting the sound power, channels, vents in hearing aids, special features that can bend high pitch sounds. Some audiograms are so challenging that it needs discussion among 2-3 experienced audiologists.

Audiologist is also trained to identify the listening needs and match them with correct features in hearing aids. Even the Identification of communication situations that cause you the most…

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