Healthy Living Definition

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Definition of health and healthy living For driving car, drivers should be fit physically and mentally. Cars should be well maintained by the driver. Driver should check the fuel level and refill the fuel during the long journey. Our lives are equipollent to journey in a car. We are the drivers for our lives. In the peregrination of lives, we should have to remain salubrious by body and mind both. Some Environmental factors like weather, roadways and traffic influence the driving. In our lives, so many environmental factors play a critical role to achieve the healthy life style. We should have to refill our physical, phrenic and gregarious desiderata for wellness. Health is the property of body and we can earn the property by the hard and astute works. We have to keep these till cessation of peregrination of lives. Health is the fundamental requisite for the healthy living. Healthy living influenced by convivial, cultural, developmental, educational, professional, personal, environmental, biological, spiritual, and moral factors. So my definition of health is wealth, earned by the physical and the psychosocial virtues. A definition of Healthy living is the different ways to keep safe our wealth of health till the end of the life.
Growth and development
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Growth is the quantification of the body which is excellent for me. By counting body mass index, I am more towards the lower pole which does not cause any lamentable impact on my health. Development is involute and crucial phenomena of the body because the development involves environmental, behavioural and social approaches. As per my development, I have skills to cope stress of living in nuclear family. I have ability to give the healthy qualities to my family and social life. I have good control on my demeanor, mood and temperament which are transformed according to

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