Healthcare Comparison Between Us, Great Britain And France

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Healthcare Comparison between US, Great Britain and France Healthcare in the world has not only evolved throughout the years, but has also saved the lives of many when in desperate need. It would be safe to assume that it’s a necessary or one may say is an imperative tool to have in life. Throughout the news and media, it’s often shown that many around the world do not have access to health care; but what is said about those who have access and avoids obtaining it in fear of the financial adversity. Affordable health care has often been the main topic in US politics; often the challenges are available resources, supply and demand, and lastly cost. This paper will illustrate just how far we have come in comparison with other industrialized countries such as Great Britain and France.
Healthcare in the United States The United States as of today does not provide universal health coverage; this leaves according to Brown (2003) an estimated 40 million uninsured (p.52). The current health care system is through public and private insurance, government health plan and personal payment. Private insurance is often referred to as not-for-profit commercial insurances or for-profit commercial insurances. These companies include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Health, and Metropolitan Life. These insurance plans can cover a small to a large amount of the health bill and often times entire. An American can purchase this plan individually or often times with an employer or

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