Effects Of Technology On Health Informatics

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Healthcare has witnessed so many changes in recent time, and technology has contributed to the change. Starting from the way patients schedule appointments, to how personal medical information is demanded and recorded, and to how patients receive their treatments. Technology has indeed influenced the way doctors and patients interact. Many patients now have access to their medical history, even doctors can access a patient’s information with just a click on a device. Technology is indeed growing and has become a very important part of healthcare. New directions and priorities are now emerging in healthcare and healthcare managers have to be guided in an appropriate way. The digital innovations in the healthcare world has now
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Shi and Singh (2015) however defined health informatics as “the application of information science to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of health care …show more content…
Almost all healthcare providers are using the EHR for the day-to-day activities in their various facilities. The electronic health records is said to be the digital version of a paper medical/health record. The EHR helps to collect, store and retrieve information for patients. The way the United States healthcare system has become very complex in nature has paved way for an environment that is very challenging for the management of patients’ data and information. Even though the traditional way of documenting with paper for a single episode of care can be easier, getting easy access to these records however is limited. The EHR has in its entirety the potential to change the way patients data are collected, stored, accessed, processes, managed and reported (citation

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