Essay on Health Services And The Healthcare Delivery System

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Healthcare to U.S Citizens In the USA there are a variety of organizations provided to our citizens. Healthcare plays an important role in our society in general because it factors into our production. Programs, Production of Resources, Delivery of Services, Economic Support, and even Management organize our National Health System; we use this particular system because it shows how health needs or problems can produce health results or outcomes. Not only does it provide a systematic way of examining any one system but it also is a method for comparing health services around the world (Barton, 2009). Adding that, “a health services system is shaped by the country’s economic, political, and cultural values” (Barton, 2009). Answering question one, the main and most important objective of the healthcare delivery system is to ensure that all people receive health care services when they need it and to guarantee our citizens own privacy. Listed below are characteristics of the US Health Care System:
• “No central governing agency and little integration and coordination
• High on cost, unequal in access, and average in outcome
• Multiple players and balanced power
• Access to health care services is selectively based on insurance coverage”
(“Major Characteristics of U.S. Health Care Delivery,” n.d.).
The health care delivery system has two important objectives that we should examine closely, 1) all citizens need to be able to access services, and 2) these services need to be cost…

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