Health Insurance Coverage Pool Program Essay

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The PPACA aims to make coverage more accessible and in order to do this it does the following:
Creates an Individual Mandate. Enforces an individual mandate requiring most U.S. citizens and legal residents to have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty.
Establishes American Health Benefit Exchanges. In order to make coverage more available and affordable, PPACA creates new objects called American Health Benefit Exchanges through which individuals who normally do not have access to inexpensive employer coverage, as well as small businesses, can purchase coverage.
Changes Private Health Insurance Coverage. The PPACA establishes new requirements for health tactics and insurers intended to expand access to affordable coverage, and stop individuals from losing coverage.
Expands Medicaid. The PPACA knowingly expands the Medicaid program (known as Medi–Cal in California) mainly by mandating coverage of certain population groups not formerly required—such as low–income, childless adults.
Establishes New High–Risk Insurance Pool. The PPACA creates a federal high–risk health insurance coverage pool program to provide coverage to individuals who are incapable to purchase coverage and who are usually referred to as hard–to–insure or medically uninsurable.
The first area in which the PPACA makes changes to the medical profession is physician reimbursement. Presently, physicians work under a fee-for-service system, in which physicians will treat and bill for a…

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