Essay on Health Information

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Abdelhak Exercise

1. Identify all the users of the health record AND explain how each uses the record. (Complete for all that are listed in Abdelhak under the “health data users and uses” section. - Patient: uses their medical data to understand their health care and to become more active partners in maintain or improving their health. - Health care practitioners: uses it as a primary means of communications among themselves. - Health Care providers and Administrators: uses the data to evaluate care, monitor the use of resources, and receive payment for services rendered. Administrators analyze financial and patient case mix information for business planning and marketing activities - Third party payers: the
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- Educators and Trainers: assist them in tying the theory learned in the classroom to the practical aspects of care. - Researchers and epidemiologist: is a significant aspect of the improvement of care and assessment of the effectiveness of treatment and improved methods for future care. - Media reporters: they report data that the public needs to know, such as health hazards, disease that affect public health, and new developments in medical research
2. Identify the steps in the decision-making process.
- Effective decision making proceeds through the following steps: 1. Problem identification 2. Data collection and analysis 3. Development of alternatives 4. Selection of the best alternative 5. Action 6. Follow-up and evaluation.
3. What are the unique roles of the patient health record (state in complete sentences)?
- A patient health record plays five unique roles: 1. It represents that patient’s health history; that is, it is a record of the patient’s health status and the health services provided over time 2. It provides a method for clinical communication and care planning among the individuals health care practitioner serving the patient. 3. It serves as the legal document describing the health care services provided 4. It

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