Health History : Patient Is A 36 Year Old Female Of Caucasian Decent

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Health History: Patient is a 36 year old female of Caucasian decent. Past medical history, of depression, Bi-polar affective disorder, spinal epidural abscess, paraplegia, anemia associated with acute blood loss, Hepatitis C, poly substance abuse, kidney infection, panic attacks, ectopic pregnancy, staphylococcus infection, protein malnutrition, neurogenic bowel, and neurogenic bladder. Current medical history, patient is a 36 year old female was admitted to Memorial Regional Hospital, complaining of severe back pain that also includes fever and chills. Urine test came back positive for cocaine. Patient was also admitted with right arm abscess at injection site as well as left medial ankle. Patient is also on infectious precautions due to positive MRSA results. Patient is alert, awake, orient x 2, as to name and place of care, due to sedation. Patient has an indwelling Foley catheter because of neurogenic bladder abnormality. The Foley catheter is being used to remove pressure off her spine. _Patient file is from Memorial Regional South.
Laboratory & Diagnostic Testing: Patient had CBC labs done upon admission into the facility. The hemoglobin was abnormal at a range of 11.1, the normal should be between 12-16; She has an abnormal Hematocrit value of 33.2, the normal is 38-47; her platelets level was 436 just above the normal ranges of 150-400; her sodium level was 137 which is in the normal range of 135-145; Potassium is 4.4; it is also in the normal range of 3.5-5.5;…

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