Health Disorders And Its Effects On Health Essay

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Globally, one in four people will suffer from a mental disorder during their lifetime, by 2020 behavioral health disorders will surpass all physical diseases as a major cause of disability (Insel, Collins & Hyman, 2015; World Health Organization [WHO], 2001). The attention and resources given to mental health disorders are disproportionate to the significant impact upon society and individuals. Preventive mental health will become paramount, however, despite cost effectiveness, lack of awareness and responsiveness has caused fewer successes and many shortfalls in this area. Health includes physical, mental and social well-being, a healthy society necessitates mental care. Quality of life, early deaths, productivity and human capital development are all affected by mental health issues. Mental illness has a staggering impact on health, it can cut lives short and greatly reduce a person’s quality-adjusted life years. In 2010 Mental disorders and substance abuse attributed 10.4% of the global disability-adjusted life years and were the leading cause of all non-fatal burden of disease accounting for 22.9% (Whiteford et al., 2013). Mental disorders have wide reaching implications into other aspects as well, such as indirectly contributing to other health issues by being a risk factor for HIV, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and vice-versa (, n.d). This highlights the fact Mental and physical health aren 't just exclusive components of overall health, they interact and…

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