Essay on Health Department And The Police

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Harriette Cole states that her 84 year old grandmother was living with her two daughters who smoke a lot. Harriette tried to convince the two girls and her friends not to stay close to the apartment when they smoke because it could cause damage to the grandmother. The apartment smelled really bad and there was nicotine on the walls. So Harriette called the health department and the police because they were abusing the grandma by having her living in unacceptable conditions. Also, most elders are abused in nursing homes, there was a report in Maine, where a grandfather who was sexually abused in a nursing home in 2006. The grandfather said that it was a man and he would not describe what he did to him. Since the abuser was over 18 he paid the consequences and was put as a sexual predator. So even though the elderly’s rights might be altered, more oversight is needed in elder care to protect the individual. Most of the abuse of the elder’s has taken place in nursing homes or also in their homes. When the elders are being abused in nursing homes it is usually by neglect and physical abuse by the caregiver. Also the type of abuses in nursing homes are mainly physically abuse. The caregiver abuses them physically because they lose their patience with them, for example a hidden camera was placed in a nursing home and a worker was giving the senior citizen food and she would force her to eat it. Also, at the same nursing home a woman was getting the elder off the wheelchair to put…

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