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Health is not simply what food and drink you partake of and how often you exercise but instead it encompasses so much more. Personal health includes, as mentioned in the wellness wheel, getting the correct amount of sleep, your ability to deal with stress effectively and healthily, your personal grooming, how you interact socially and, as well, as so many other aspects, your spiritual well-being including how you view others' beliefs as well as your own. I feel as though effectively caring for your personal health means balancing all of the above mentioned aspects and always seeking to improve in all aspects of your daily life. Maintaining that balance and constantly improving is true health.

Health Wheel Assessment
Spiritual: 9
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After a stressful day at work, followed by homework and trying to be the best dad and husband I can be, I tend to feel exhausted emotionally. I once was fairly active in meditation and stress relief techniques but told myself that I was too busy for such things. I plan to meditate (in conjunction with eating better) and spend time focusing on my own stress relief. I enjoy wood working and sometimes hitting something really hard with a hammer relieves stress but a lot of the time I tend to relieve a lot of stress just by working in a quiet environment with my hands. I plan to take a bit of time for myself and practice my hobbies in order to improve my emotional well-being to a solid 9.

Personal Wellness Plan

05/12/14 Begin diet- stay under 1800 calories including exercise Organize my desk | 05/13/14 Continue Diet Begin woodworking project Get 9 hours of sleep | 05/14/14 No Diet/ Cheat Day Devote 30 mins to meditation and breathing exercises | 05/15/14 Continue Diet Exercise Devote 30 Mins to woodworking | 05/16/14 Continue Diet Exercise 30 Mins Meditation | 05/17/14 No Diet/ Cheat Day Relax w/ Family Socialize | 05/18/14 Go to church Continue Diet Meditation Hiking | 05/19/14 Continue Diet Exercise 30 Mins Meditation | 05/20/14 Continue Diet Exercise Woodworking | 05/21/14 No Diet/ Cheat Day Devote 30 mins to meditation | 05/22/14 Continue Diet Exercise Play guitar for 30 mins | 05/23/14 Continue Diet Exercise 30

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