Essay about Health Care Services : Hospital Emergency Rooms

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Hospital emergency rooms are ready to handle anything from minor to major emergencies. Health care personnel have an opportunity to provide exceptional customer service, which can relieve some of the anxiety and “make or break” the patient experience. During registration, two activities are especially important for the hospital to be able to maximize the amount of patient revenue and the speed of revenue collection: computing the deductibles and copayments to provide patients with information about how much they are expected to pay out of pocket and providing patient financial education and counseling to help identify patients who have no or only limited health insurance coverage but may be eligible for a public health insurance program, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or State Children 's Health (Rappuhn 2003). Insurance Program Reimbursement is a critical element in sustaining effective care and coordination of other departments within the hospitals organization. Reimbursement is a term meaning payments that are received, there are various types of payers, including private insurance, managed care organizations, the government, and the patient. A hospital or health care agency depends on the reimbursement to continue to optimize the services offered. Effective hospital revenue cycle management practices have gained in importance in today 's hospital business environment, in which many hospitals are confronted with stricter regulations and billing requirements, more…

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