Essay on Health Care Provider Clinical Competence

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Health care provider clinical competence is of the utmost concern in the medical setting, yet even the most knowledgeable and skilled providers can face diagnostic and treatment complications due to a lack of communication, understanding, and trust with their patients. This can be attributed to cultural barriers. Industrialization and advancements in technology have enormously impacted travel throughout the world, leading to increasingly diverse populations within the United States. Our population is thus composed of assortment of individuals with different cultural backgrounds. This is important, as the culture of each individual is integral to their identity and influence factors such as styles of communication as well as views of health. Moreover, a lack of respect for and understanding of a patients’ culture can lead to inferior patient outcomes. Therefore, in order to provide quality health care, it is imperative that providers become educated in other cultural customs, beliefs, and practices. Providers must develop cultural competence (CC). According to Cross, Bazron, Dennis, and Isaacs (1989), CC is defined as “the capacity to respond to the unique needs of populations whose culture are different than that which might be called ‘dominant’ or ‘mainstream.’” This concept has become a focus in the healthcare industry, however cultural diversity training programs are not always equal in their success (Dogra, Vostanis, & Frake, 2007). Nevertheless, I contend that CC…

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