Health Care Pros And Cons Essay

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POLICY CHANGE: THE PROS/CONS In order to combat the gaps in services and increase access to quality health care, a policy must be mandated at the state levels. In this policy, DC government would have to step in and standardize all health clinics specified for pregnant women and children regardless of their ability to pay. This policy would consist of expanding clinic hours among Wards that currently have limited timings and accessibility. With the increase in hours, there should be more one to one communication and follow-up from the time the patient steps into the clinic until the end of pregnancy. Each Ward would have to meet similar guidelines in terms of the types of resources, clinic hours, and number of walk-ins/unscheduled appointments. Guidelines and enforcement would be applicable for all clinics. For instance, the policy would reinforce that clinicians call or contact their patients bi-weekly to check-in/monitor their state of pregnancy. This system will allow for better preventative care and more patient center comprehensive care. It would also make sure that each clinic has programs that support early pregnancy identification and follow-ups like family planning programs and economic opportunities. The purpose of this action is …show more content…
The clinics would allow more frequent screenings, labs, medication, and consultation to be given to these women regardless of having Medicaid and other insurances. For people with no insurance, DC government should be able to absorb the cost. With the increase in clinic times, women with unstable lifestyles can receive health care at more convenient hours. Furthermore, with this policy, health disparities will decrease among Wards. The standardization of how these clinics will run can provide better health outcomes. Additionally, with the expansion of clinic hours, there will be an increase in patients, jobs, and

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