Essay about Health Care Disparities Within Minority Groups

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In the United States there is believed to be specific types of minority groups. Schaefer characterizes these types as race, ethnicity, gender, and religion. The United States identifies racial minorities as African American, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Hawaiians. The next minority group is defined by ethnicity. This group is based on language and food as factors that are part of an individual’s culture. Hispanics are considered an ethnic group and not a racial group in the United States. Gender and religion minorities are the last two groups. Religion minorities consist of those who practice a religion other than the dominant faith (Schafer, n.d.).
Health care disparities within minority groups are not a new concern in the United States. The awareness of healthcare disparities in the United Stated has been brought to public attention since the 1900’s. Beginning in 1899, W. E. B. Du Bois published the Philadelphia Negro, where he used social science methods to describe economic and social conditions that influenced the health status as well as the quality of life, of African Americans (Hardoby & Mann, 2013). With this publication Du Bois first brought attention to the factors that differentiate quality of life and health status for African Americans and Whites. Later in 1906, Du Bois published The Health and Physique of the Negro American as part of the proceedings of the Eleventh Atlanta Conference for the Study of the Negro Problems; Du Bois debunked the…

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