Hawkins, Ronald E. (1991) Strengthening Marital Intimacy, Grand Rapids, Mi: Baker Book House.

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Hawkins, Ronald E. (1991) Strengthening Marital Intimacy, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.

Summary: Dr. Hawkins has done a wonderful job in presenting the essential elements of what it takes to have a Biblically sound intimate and committed marriage. In Strengthening Marital Intimacy (1991), he has captured the two foundational truths, intimacy and commitment, makes a good marriage into a great marriage. It is not enough to know the Word of God intellectually there must be a real surrendering to the sovereign will of God. To do it will transform a life of commitment to God and to the marriage. The key concepts presented in this book cover marital intimacy, commitment, wisdom, reality, God’s sovereignty, the person, sexuality,
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My one scriptural reference to Greg and Thelma was from I Corinthian 13. I thank God that this couple remained in my church together for the next two years and from time to time I was able to talk to them several more times. By God’s grace, somehow this couple made it through those frist few years.

Reflection: What is happening with the changing views on Christian and Sex in marriage? It was the section in Hawkins’ (1991) book, Strengthening Martial Intimacy, that really caught my attention and my spiritual senses aroused. Hawkins credits much of the change-taking place in the Christian community to an outward expression of sexual affection in marriage to the work of men like “Jay Adams, Tim LaHaye, Ed Wheat and the Penners. I agree with that assessment (Hawkins 1991, 100 -102), yet it is clear that there is still more teaching on sex in a Christian Marriage needed. Christian marriages still suffer a very high divorce rate and the infidelity cases that I have encounter within Christian circles are too many to elaborate. I believe that sex is a gift from God to help men find intimacy as a way to build stronger and more intimate marriage relationship. More training should be available to

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