Have You Ever Been Satisfied With Your Life

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Have you ever been satisfied with your life? Well, I was, but one person has changed everything. It started in Baghdad in 1998, I was eight years old. I was with my older sister walking home back from an amusement park. In the way, I saw a pair of shoes in a shoe store. I begged my sister to buy them for me, so we went in to buy it. while I was gazing on the shoes, my sister negotiated the price with the seller, but we ended up not buying it. She told me that she could not afford it, I was really angry, gloomy, and miserable that day. The memory of that day stuck in my mind for years. Years and years have gone, yet that unsatisfactory feeling kept grown inside of me with time.
When I became 18 years old, I got accepted into university of Baghdad, and I had a great job. On the first day of working early in the morning, I was on my way to the work. After I got on the bus, a kid sat next
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After a while he reached to the front of door of the bus, suddenly I got knocked down. I stood up and looked around, I was woozy and couldn’t hear anything. The weather was dusty, fire was everywhere and people was running in all direction. I realized it was a suicide bomber, I looked toward Ali. He was in the ground laying down I rushed running toward him. He looked like a wet Torn paper then I realized that his soul left this world. That day was so hard and long despite the fact I lived through many similar events. I had overpassed what happened, but I can’t stop thinking and asking myself why this had to happen? And why it had to be end this way? But I concluded that the life will keep going whatever is happened. But what I learned from it is that, the keys of happiness are in our hands. We can be happy even if we live in miserable reality. It is may be a sad ending but I can’t bury Ali’s remembrance in sadness and sorrow; therefore, whenever I get blue, I remember Ali’s smile to overcome

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