Essay on Have Women Caught Up Of Men?

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Have Women Caught Up to Men?
Women have been on neglected for thousands of years, waiting for the time to get equal rights. Women have always been supporting men in the background; Whether taking care of children or helping in war effort. However, women have not gotten the deserved recognition for their effort. During the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century women finally began to try and open opportunities for women with a focus on suffrage. The movements were quite impactful and truly changed how women were treated and what rights they could have, especially in the United States. These movements allowed the doors of feminism and equality to open, but the necessity of the Second Women’s Rights Movement is when it truly kick off the process to getting equality. The first movement gave women legal rights such as availability to construct a will, own property, and access to education. The most important goal for this movement was to get women allowed to vote, this was achieved but there were many things that were not dealt with that was much needed. The second movement gave women the ability to expand their horizons in social, economic and political fields. The impact of the second movement has shaped how women are perceived and treated in present day. Without the women who participated in the Second Movement struggling against adversity, women of today would only have a limited amount of rights in today’s society. Although, there is not a perfect balance…

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