Hate Radio : The Outer Limits Of Tasteful Broadcasting Essay

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Hate Radio: The Outer Limits of Tasteful Broadcasting Today in our world, unfortunately, we are often faced with ethical dilemmas. Whether they are either expected or unexpected, it’s vital for one to know how to solve these dilemmas, especially when working in media. In order to effectively do this, it is important for one to be familiar with both the tools and theories behind the intellectual minds of society’s infamous ethicists. However, keep in mind that this process is difficult, because you’re dealing with two or more different sides to any argument. Therefore, not everyone can “win” in a situation.
As written in Case 10-F, Trevor Van Lansing, a radio personality by KRFP-AM, an all-talk-format radio station in a large city in the West, causes a great amount of trouble in regards to his relationship with both the public and his committed listeners after he is criticized for his controversial topics and opinions on his rated number one weekday talk show. Note that Van Lansing is a Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, who is very outspoken and much entitled to his own opinion. On a daily basis, Van Lansing introduces a topic and then calls in his listeners to chime in on the conversation. Particular topics mentioned range from Racial Discrimination to Abortion and Education. When discussing topics like these, not only does he state his opinion, but he also states it in a very harsh manner by approaching each issue negatively while calling names, and humiliating other…

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