People's Moral Views In The 2016 Presidential Election

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There are many views and values people consume today. It is becoming more prevalent in our country with the 2016 Presidential Election taking place. In our country, we have people that are democrats, republicans and liberals. The candidates in our 2016 Presidential Election bring out their true colors based on their morality views. In this essay I will analyze and discuss my views on the Chapter 2 Ted Talk video that was led by psychologist Jonathan Haidt.

The first viewpoint I have is that I agree with Haidt’s five points on morality. I feel that harm/love, fairness/reciprocity, in group/loyalty and purity help make up everyone’s morality views and values. Everyone is concerned with safety and fairness, but everyone has their
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I believe that our views and values can affect anyone we come across. An example is the upcoming president of the United States. In this 2016 election, we have two candidates with extremely different values. Hillary Clinton is a liberal and democrat, where as Donald Trump is a republican. Hillary Clinton has more of a liberal view, compared to Trump who has no filter whatsoever. I believe that Trump’s views on immigration and security offends a large number of people, especially when he discusses his policy based on the wall between Mexico and the United States. There are many liberals and democrats that think Trump’s immigration policy is crazy, racist and offensive. The media has portrayed Donald Trump as a bully, making people believe that he could leave a negative impact on the United States, as well as, other countries. Then we have Hillary Clinton, who is a major liability to our United States government and security. I will be very worried if Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States, but if Donald Trump is elected instead, then I am not concerned. I believe that Hitler was a threat to Germany and all of Europe, but Donald Trump is not. Trump would never hurt anyone physically, like Hitler did to his people. I am worried that people such as myself may offend others and as a result, freedom of speech …show more content…
People do not understand that in order for people to cooperate, you need punishment (Haidt, 2008). People will never follow through with something, if there is zero structure and punishment. We do not realize that our minds were designed to unite us into teams, divide us against other teams and blind us to the truth, just like it is in politics. The important thing is that in order to change others, we need to understand who we are and understand our moral psychology, where we all think we are correct. Then, step out and see that everyone has a reason for what they’re doing (Haidt, 2008). I believe that this moral practice is based on the liberal approach and the international liberal theory. I also believe that liberal bias helped influence the goals of the Concert of

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