Has The War On Drugs Been Successful? Essay example

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Has the War on Drugs Been Successful?
Lawanda Hamon
Keiser University

Has the War on Drugs Been Successful?
Despite of the large amount of money spent on the war to fight drugs, Americans have not been successful. The focus of the war on drugs was to fight the crimes against drugs instead of trying to prevent the problem. As many know, crime prevention may take time, it is not something that happens automatically. The Americans have heard from their president that he will eliminate the drug problem, but it has not been successful. Plain and simple, Americans can’t battle the war on drugs from the stand point society is seeking to accomplish.
To date back history, American has fought wars and assisted its our partner countries with aid, and society still stands in despair. Many American soldiers have lost their lives in the line of duty, soldiers battling to defend the land called America. Fast forwarding many years to date, Americans are fighting a different kind of war on drugs. America has spent over a trillion dollars on the war, which has no enemy in sight. America is under the problem that seemed to be out of control. The war has failed to prevent drug use in America. The American prison has access to drug use. So, to say that society can fight this war on drugs is a falsehood. This war has failed and caused more other crimes which stemmed from the violence.
As America’s financial burden has become overwhelming, it is seeing a shift slightly to treatment…

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