Harry And All Of His Friends Become Members Of The Griffindor

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Harry and all of his friends become members of the Griffindor

house. Of course Draco Malfoy became a member of the Slytherin house and he swaggered forward

when his name was called. Harry saw a terrible ghost as the Slytherin table that had a gaunt face and

blood-stained robes. Harry’s professors were Professor Filtwick, Professor McGonagall, Professor

Snape, a black haired man with sallow skin, Professor Quirrell and Dumbledore. Harry received a new

broomstick, a Nimbus Two thousand so that he could participate in the Quidditch match. Harry was able

to catch the Golden Snitch in the Quidditch match, which was a match between the Slytherins and

Griffindors to see who was the better flyer. Griffindor won by one hundred and seventy points to

Slytherin’s sixty points. Throughout Harry’s stay at Hogwarts he, Ron and Hermione had tried to find the

Sorcerer’s Stone. Harry believed that Snape hated him. Often in class he would ask Harry the most

difficult questions about infusions. The other students would rummage through their desk to get their

quills and parchments . Their adventures were often very dangerous, but they were eager to have more.

They knew the Stone had powers and thought that Snape was trying to steal it for Voldemort. Harry,

Ron, Hermione and Hagrid went into the forbidden forest and found that a unicorn had been killed.

Then they saw a figure get close to the unicorn and found out that it was Voldemort. He was drinking


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